Stay toasty

We recently moved into a new apartment in December in a smaller wood-framed building, leaving the concrete high-rise behind. While being wrapped up in the amazing convenience of a walk-up, we didn’t realize the drawbacks – insulation being one of them. It can get drafty around the windows and doors, and the gas heating is too pricey to leave on all the time. Toronto is seeing yet another bitter cold winter, so I need to get crafty with some ways to stay warm. Here are some of the best ideas I’ve found to keep toasty this winter without cranking the heat:

  • Cover those toes – definitely the easiest and most dramatic change. Wear a pair of thick socks or slippers around the house, and even wear a pair of socks to bed.
  • Cozy up your place – add rugs to hardwood or tile floors.Vivek raj
  • Lock in the heat – use thermal curtains to keep the warm in, and cold out. Also add weather stripping or rolled towels underneath drafty doors.
  • Make a cup of tea – brew your favourite tea or cider and curl up on the couch.
  • Winterize your bed – use a heavy down comforter and flannel or fleece sheets.
  • Get cooking – use the oven and cook up a feast, preferably roasts, stews, and baked goods with longer cooking times. Also, leave the oven door open afterwards to let the heat out.
  • Take a bath – it will warm you up for at least an hour. Plus, leave the water in the tub afterwards to increase humidity in the air.
  • Set the mood – light four or five candles. It really warms up the room!

(Image sources: Brian K YYZ, Flickr | Vivek Raj, Flickr)


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