Top shelf

For some reason, I am always drawn to shelves. Even though I definitely do not need nor have any room for new furniture, I am very tempted with a good shelving unit. Perhaps it is because it is a blank slate – you can use it to store just about anything, and therefore it could be used in living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens. I love it – a good bookshelf can be a practical focal point of the room that allows lifestyle to become the art in the room.


The beauty about shelves is that you can find pretty much anything to match your own personal style – modern, mid-century, traditional, rustic, or a clean Scandinavian look.


Shelves don’t have to house just books. Get creative with your display, add personal items, photos, sculptures, and unique ceramics.

  JoshuaRhodes    GenevaVanderzeil


  • STMLStack books in different directions, to avoid the “library” look. Mix up horizontal and vertical stacks.
  • Use multi-coloured magazine holders, or cover with patterned wrapping paper.
  • Organize your books by colour. Or do the opposite, and wrap the covers in kraft paper for the monochromatic look.
  • Use baskets to house all the little things that you need within reach, but may look disorganized on their own – like blankets, stationary, or craft supplies.
  • Open bookshelves can work as great room dividers, especially when you still need the light to pass through.


The way you style your items on your shelf can be art in itself. I just heard the word “shelfie” last year, and it made so much sense why everyone was obsessed with curating their perfect assembly of items. It can be a statement of who you are in 10 items or less, or it can just be a pretty collection of random things in the same colour scheme.


What does your Shelfie look like?

(Images sources: Gimme Shelter | Samantha Marx, flickr | Katey, flickr | Gimme Shelter | Gimme Shelter | Geneva Vanderzeil, flickr | Joshua Rhodes, flickr | Geneva Vanderzeil, flickr | coco+kelley, flickrSTML, flickr | Urbane Apartments, flickr | Gimme Shelter)


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