DIY paper collage artwork

One step closer to my gallery wall project, I wanted to create some custom art to add to the mix. Since last year I have been hanging onto some paper samples that I love, but didn’t know what to do with them. I have a weakness for unique and ornate paper, I love it. I walk into my local Paper Place, and fight the urge to buy everything in the store. 

IMG_2568 copy

These are an assortment of Chiyogami and Lotka paper prints, in gorgeous colourful and metallic patterns. Framing these beautiful handmade paper prints can be a great work of art that not many people will have.

maria grundtvig

My inspiration for the design (source: Maria Grundtvig)

Recently I bought the frame on clearance at CB2, and thought the earthy wood grain would go well with a colourful collage. After finding a design I liked, I started on the project:

Step 1 – Plan the layout

  • With so many colours and patterns, I wanted to make sure there weren’t similar colours too close together.


Step 2 – Transfer design to a mockup page and cut each section

  • Make sure your mockup page is the same size as your final artwork.
  • Number each section before cutting, because once they are cut they all look the same!

IMG_2580   IMG_2584

Step 3 – Trace pieces onto the coloured paper and cut out


Step 4 – Arrange pieces and stick down on cardstock paper

  • I used double sided tape, not glue, because I was worried the glue might damage some of the more delicate paper samples.

IMG_2782   IMG_2783

And done! This frame didn’t have any glass insert, but I like it better because the metallic details are more noticeable in the light. I am looking forward to planning my gallery wall next with this piece of art.



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