Spring @ The Bay

Last week I was lucky enough to attend an event at The Bay launching their home department Spring lineup. The Bay’s downtown Toronto location showcased amazing home furnishings from top designers on the sixth floor, and kitchenwares in their new and improved space on the seventh floor, which was renovated in 2014. For years the top floor at the flagship location was overlooked and outdated, but now is a haven for anyone looking for small appliances, housewares, and bridal registries, thanks to the addition of Kleinfeld’s last year. Here is the HBC Home Look Book to get you inspired for Spring.

Walking around the showroom, weaving around beautifully grand dining tables, it was hard to miss the designers in the mix including Brian Gluckstein and Tommy Smythe. Everyone was excited about the new collection and eager to find their favourites. While there were some brands which I could only dream of taking home, there were still a few that were more reasonable, and even at 50% off!



   IMG_2606     IMG_2613

IMG_2601     IMG_2631


Upstairs on the seventh floor, it was hard not to start shopping on the spot – tableware by Kate Spade, colourful Le Creuset collections, and all the espresso machines a girl could want. The Bridal Registry area also had adorable wedding-themed decor items, curated from top Etsy designers.


Food Network’s Chef Corbin was there doing a demonstration at the KitchenAid station, even making Parmigiano Reggiano Ice Cream look tasty.



Amsterdam Brewery partnered with Spiegelau glassware to show off their specialized India Pale Ale glass, enhancing the flavours and carbonation of hoppy IPA beers.

I’m happy I went to the event – it was a fun introduction to the top floors of The Bay I didn’t really consider previously, and now I know where to go for writing my next Christmas list!


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