Taking colour to the next level

It’s easy to stick to a neutral colour palette when buying furniture and accessories. It’s easy, timeless and everything goes together. But don’t think that colour can’t have those qualities too. Bright and saturated accessories, furniture and walls can really add personality to your living space, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot to buy into this trend – the commitment level is totally up to you!

Spring Fling

Now that the sun is out, I’m so tempted to bring some bright pops of colour indoors. I have very neutral furniture – grey couch, white shelving, black and white rug – and it could definitely use a refresh. I’m not ready for a big investment such as brand new furniture, so I’ll test it out for a while to see if I’m ready for the next level. Easy pieces to integrate into your current decor can be oversized art, throw pillows, colourful pottery, and bar stools. 


Make it Official

Investing in brightly coloured furniture shows everyone that you are a fan, there’s no turning back.  Pick solid colours that go well with neutrals, but also enhance the personality you are looking for in a room – red for rich and exotic, green for serene and peaceful.

2721079915_042602e71b_o   3404936367_c090e7ab5c_o

Long Term Relationship

You are committed. You are willing to make things permanent and paint those walls or install that tile. This is where things get fun – when you have something that is a big change to your space, everything else just falls into place. If you have patterned tile, stick to solid colour accessories. A rich wall colour makes white accents pop. Painted or stained kitchen cabinets transform a white kitchen, or can just add a feature colour to the island. 

2671930920_8068971bdf_o   13428340743_74605266e1_o

Skegg Kitchen   Matt Carman

Or you can always look at the outside of your home for a change – and declare your love for neon pink to the world!

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One thought on “Taking colour to the next level

  1. courtneybakes says:

    I just did this. I also have a very neutral living room and bedroom. Mostly white and grey. I bought TWO yellow pillows and it made such a difference! Home sense is great for trying out new things without spending a ton of money.


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